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About Mode Dog


What Does Mode Dog mean?
the word "Mode" is french and translates to the word "fashion" in English, thus "Fashion Dog"

Welcome to Mode Dog, the exclusively online dog boutique! We specialize in boutique quality designer dog collars and accessories for any dog in need of fashion! Every one of our custom dog collars are handmade and designed in beautiful Southern California!

At Mode Dog, we adore your dog as much as you do! Therefore as responsible doggie parents, you should always observe your dog when they are wearing some of the dog accessories, as some can become a choking hazard.

Dogs have become more than just pets; they are part of our family and considered our “fur babies!”

Mode Dog was created to add some extra fashion flair to really enhance your dogs’ unique personality without sacrificing quality! Unlike other dog shops, Mode Dog uses high quality nylon webbing and hardware. Each item is lovingly handmade in Southern California with particular attention to detail. All of our dog collars are professionally stitched to withhold even the toughest pulling dogs.

You will be surprised at our large selection of martingale dog collars and unique dog collars which are very difficult to find in local pet shops. Be sure to follow the Mode Dog blog to keep up with the latest fashion trends!

Here at Mode Dog, we design with your dog in mind! Whether your dog is a princess or “little stinker” we offer about one hundred designer dog collars to match your dogs’ personality. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and are confident that you and your dog will love our products!

At Mode Dog, we love to be creative and keep up with the latest fashion trends and even create our own!

Here at Mode Dog, we design with your dog in mind!


"I have had the pleasure to have dogs my whole life! I strongly believe that every dog offers a special love and bond towards their owners."

Lauren Schmitt
Designer and Founder